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  • Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Datum09.11.2023 07:22
    Thema von jannick im Forum Erstes Unterforum

    The actual Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross is a monochromatic titanium horological beast

    Hublot is actually keen on collaborations, but evidently their already talented roster isn’t enough, because within 2020 they’ve added an additional creative line: British developer, artist and all-around potential customer Samuel Ross. As the artist behind popular ceramic-fired streetwear brand A Cold Wall*, Ross’s work continues to expand to incorporate clothing, bikes, sculptures, works of art and more. After several years associated with collaboration, we present their own latest collaborative watch, the brand new Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross, a new monochrome version from the first watch they released together last year.

    Conceptually, the new watch is extremely similar to the previous version. They have the same 44mm case, along with hexagonal honeycomb mesh air flow on the lugs (critical area not needed to protect the movement) and dial (protected with a sapphire crystal), embodying the actual lightweight, aerospace style Ross favored., industrial futurism.

    This feel will be enhanced by replacing the last orange element with micro-sandblasted polished titanium, which, whilst not as striking as the initial, gives the watch a chillier monochromatic design. The tourbillon cage has also faded, however it's still a tourbillon, so it's still impressive. Using its integrated rubber strap as well as visible screws, the new Large Bang is a sci-fi ie created by the Gerald Genta of horology.

    Of course , that's not to say it can all monochromatic. The one-piece rubber strap also includes a series of honeycomb perforations and it is available in white, black and lively lime green. The raw ti of the metalwork means it is going to work in any of the 3 colourways, but let's be honest, if you are wearing this version and you also like the impact of it, which probably means you'll want this on the greens.

    This aesthetic is backed with one of Hublot’s more specialized movements, one that’s much more noteworthy than the iconic tourbillon complication. The HUB6035 motion is an in-house movement, a real manufactured movement consisting of 282 components. It beats in 3 Hz, has a 72-hour power reserve, is as solid like a modern tourbillon should be, along with all these components clearly noticeable, it fully embodies the extreme mechanical nature of the Huge Bang Tourbillon.

    Unlike the original Big Boom Tourbillon Samuel Ross, the newest Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A designed by Samuel Ross will not break new ground. But it did refine the idea, just like the second draft in the sketch. It makes more feeling both visually and on the particular wrist (its 44mm situation is just as eye-catching as prior to, yet lightweight to wear) and offers more options among about three straps, all made with exactly the same fabric, cut from the exact same blueprint.

    Therefore can we expect more of the very same in the future? perhaps. If we look into the Orlinski and Sang Bleu versions produced by Hublot, are likely to be very close to the original once you own your first view. There are different colors and components of course , but other than that simply provide variations on the concept. It’s almost certain that issue particular version isn’t for you personally, a different color Big Beat Tourbillon is expected to come in the near future.

    Simply because are all very strictly restricted editions - like this most recent model. But for someone because creative and knowledgeable since Ross, it would be a bit unsatisfactory if Hublot didn’t proceed the same route for its following collaboration. Although the lime green colour on the case certainly produces a visual impact.

    At least the Samuel Ross-designed Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A illustrates how to make a suitable collaborative watch. This is not only a recolor of Hublot timepieces, but a real watch cooperation. It won’t be in order to everyone’s taste - it is fair to say that absolutely no Hublot is to everyone’s flavor - but that’s not really the point. It was Roth’s style manifesto, experimentation and sketching board designed to test their abilities in the field of horology. In spite of his efforts on the Major Bang Tourbillon, there are still lots of boundaries to push.

    Model: Hublot Big Hammer Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross

    Reference number: 428. NX. 0101. RX. SRA23

    Case: Diameter forty-four mm, micro-sandblasted titanium

    Dial: Skeleton

    Water proof: 30m (3 bar)

    Movement: Hublot caliber HUB6035, automatic, 22 jewels

    Frequency: 21, 600 vph (3 Hz)

    Reserve of power: 72 hours

    Features: hours, minutes, tourbillon

    Strap: bright green sleek rubber

  • Thema von jannick im Forum Zweites Unterforum

    New Breitling Years Lead Super Chromat

    A pair of flying ready, super size in the 1980s inspiration timer.

    Last year, I re-introduced Chronomat collected (32, 36 and 42 mm models), and the 100-year spirit is now following full fat options, and the new super Chronomat is in a low head 44mm. The new size spans several new versions, including a version of the UTC module bracelet, 18k red gold version, and a reference for a pair of four-year calendars using Breitling.

    "Big responsible" physical performance, new super Chronomat is a classic century, and understands the long-term rule of the brand in the chronological code table of super pilots.

    For a Breitling years, the tool watch is the core competitiveness. When the brand is not afraid of themselves, I think they are the best, bold displays, bright colors, polished surfaces, baroracy, cyclist labels, Ana-Digi layouts, and unique high quality bracelets. The result is not always suitable for my wrist, but the brand has an incredible history in sportswands, and Chronomat's return does not say their postmodern legacy, but more modern things.

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    Jacob & Co astronomy tourbillon three wise monkeys

    Jacob&Co pays tribute to the three savvy monkeys, this new astronomical tourbillon with three savvy monkeys represents Japanese culture.

    These three monkeys come from the ancient Japanese culture, respectively responding to the names of Mizaru (not seen), Kikazaru (not listening) and Iwazaru (not saying), representing the mysticism of turning a blind eye to evil and not copying. Three basic but powerful concepts. Many of us should have learned to do this in order to live in peace, don’t you think?

    Jacob & Co paid tribute to the astronomical art of "Three Monkeys", thanks to the hand-carved rose gold sculptures representing the three wise monkeys. This symbolism has become a power guide for many characters (such as Mahatma Gandhi), and his outstanding behavior makes him one of the highest representatives of peace.

    This kind of referenced artistic creation requires hours of meticulous hand-sculpting to present extremely realistic works.

    We are also talking about Jacob & Co astronomy, which is a real milestone in itself. It has an extraordinary time display function, enhanced by four satellite-shaped arms supporting a dual-axis tourbillon. The hour and minute hands have 288 faceted Jacob cut diamonds (patented) and magnesium metal globes. In addition, the sapphire crystal provides complete transparency and you can admire the sculptures of three monkeys.

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    View the review: Urwerk EMC Time Hunter X-ray screens its accuracy and magnitude

    All of us swiss replica watches nerds awe every talented watchmaker forge a different way of expressing their really like for timepieces. One can nearly think of everything Abraham-Louis Blancpain did, the increase in the Greubel Forsey tourbillon, the produce of Aaron Becsei's personal tools, And showed the actual brand's new look, so Urwerk produced the first complete inner movement mechanical control via its integrated electronic view. I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in this new chapter associated with forged watch excellence, which means this is our review of the grey Urwerk EMC Time Seeker X-ray, which in my opinion is actually green.

    URWERK EMC PERIOD HUNTER X-ray visual appearance
    Later, we will introduce the essential of electromechanics in detail, however even if you don't know any information, you can easily understand Urwerk EMC Time Hunter X-Ray simply by looking at it is a very different enjoy. Those who are proficient in design will certainly immediately attract it towards the prismatic case and its numerous special details-the chunky look not only reflects the flexibility regarding Urwerk, but also shows the style talent of co-founder Charlie Frei.

    Each external element, including the screw, crown, turn, and cover covering the accessibility port, is coated along with gray ceramic, which appears green to me. Urwerk replica watches does not say much about the covering itself, it is usually used for army armor. Because it is made of hard material, it must have very high strength and scrape resistance. Even if no one may (or should) perform severe sports in a 30-meter lengthy waterproof EMC, it should additionally help to preserve the case for a long period. Beautiful.

    Then, at a glance in the dial, you can see that Urwerk is working hard to reach Horological Intimidation Level 2 . zero, because they have now hollowed out the particular dial, and emphasized this ultra-high-end watch is in in any manner comparable to the usual suspects for example Richard Milles-and Not just cost. It wasn't until later on that I realized that the degree of finishing this hollowing process created the watch actually completely clear at a position of the stability wheel and escapement.

    You’ll get all the different texts, counts and numbers-properly separated with regard to easy reading, and their particulars are neatly coordinated. If it is not enough, then at six o'clock, a huge crown can protrude from the crown. Please be aware that the actual crank will be fixed on the right part of the case. The fact that all of this is covered in a military ceramic finish is actually just the icing within the cake.

    Last but not least, the switch of EMC Time Rogue X-Ray shows its amazing bottom view, with vibrant yellow plates and metal gray parts everywhere-all superbly finished. The depth of the movement is greater than typically the depth of the Grand Encolure. No, really: there are so many levels of technology, if you use the magnifying glass to magnify EMC to your face, you will believe that Luke Skywalker is traveling towards the surface of Demise Star.HUBLOT Masterpiece MP-04 Antikythera 904.NX.4101.RX replica

    The covering of Urwerk EMC Period Hunter X-Ray is mainly made from titanium alloy with some metal. It measures 43 milimetre wide, 51 mm higher, and 15. 8 millimeter thick. Although the case is principally a titanium case along with a skeleton movement, the head is very strong-I definitely don't want to put on a steel case for quite a long time. In fact , everyday wearability is not really affected by weight, but it is simply right.

    The leather back again woven front strap is usually well-crafted and perfectly has the exact military-grade appearance, but it must be worn in large amounts prior to following the shape of the hand. The evaluation unit features a black-coated buckle, but I recall seeing a matching green belt from Urwerk, so this might be special to that particular piece. Likewise, since this is a display, often the strap has suffered round the crown, because people who have used strap before obviously really feel inclined to push the band back against the crown.

    None the crank nor the actual crown will affect use resistance. The watch is easily flush with the wrist. The only real problem is related to its width, but this will affect each and every watch over 13mm thick. It is strongly recommended that you be more careful to not drop the watch on the doorway handle, lamp post or even oncoming

  • Thema von jannick im Forum Erstes Unterforum

    Urwerk launches UR-100 GunMetal

    Last September, Urwerk high quality replica watches introduced two variants of the UR-100 SpaceTime, the UR-100 Iron (made of titanium and steel) and the UR-100 Black (made of DLC-coated titanium and steel). The UR-100 has a new astronomical complication inspired by the hovering hour clock of 1680 Gustave Sandoz. The UR-100 shows not only the time, but also the distance the earth has rotated during the day (measured from the equator). Around the sun. Every 20 minutes is 35,740 kilometers. For collectors, the only drawback is that each model of the UR-100 is limited to 25. You may find it comforting that Urwerk today introduced a new model of the UR-100 with a GunMetal PVD housing.

    Aesthetically, the UR-100 GunMetal is made of a smooth PVD-coated titanium alloy and a UR-100 Black steel case (although with a GunMetal PVD coating instead of a Black coating) with a shallower beryllium bronze orbit satellite Combined, an open aluminum turntable and ARCAP triple floor – first seen on UR-100 iron. The contrast between the movement and the dark case is subtle. Compared with monochrome models of the same color, this variant has a significant improvement in readability.

    As you would expect, the UR-100 GunMetal has a variety of decorative techniques including circular textures, sanding, brushing and chamfering. Bremont Jagua replica watches,In addition, the hour and minute hands are coated with SuperLumiNova, visible under the domed sapphire crystal. The 39-jewel self-winding UR 12.01 calibre beats at a speed of 28 800v / h (4Hz), has a 48-hour power reserve, and has a planetary turbine system to minimize over-winding and wear. The Ur-100 GunMetal measures 41 mm wide, 49.7 mm long, and 14 mm high. The pressure test reaches 3ATM (30m).

    The UR-100 reminds us that despite many differences, we are all on the same blue ball, piercing space at rocket speed. Although the "perspective effect" (the state of mental clarity created by observing the earth from outer space) is out of reach for most of us (for now), UR-100 is one of the rare things that stops you Second, reflect on the entire human race. Ironically, this watch is inspired by interstellar romanticism and excels in admiring the beauty of the earth and everything it has to offer ... including clocks. U-BOAT replica Watches

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    Currently dare to face a limited copy hammerhead shark attack?

    This kind of wave has collapsed within Switzerland this winter, bringing along with it three new models from the Ulysse Nardin DIVER set.Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph Hammerhead Shark 1503-170-3/93-HAMMER, Due to the fact launching DIVER X along with LADY DIVER in December, Ulysse Nardin is now being known with the latest chapter with the DIVER story: three completely new bold 44mm chronographs: grayscale titanium versions, UN orange and rose gold versions, along with blue and red in addition to Titanium Hammerhead Shark Unique. These eye-catching models include withstood the wave from the Ulysse Nardin fleet of DIVER watches, reaffirming their undeniable status as marine watch manufactures and highlighting the watchmaker's ability to sail forward.

    "The loop is circular, we are made a full circle. That is a 360 ° updated DIVER series, which will soon can be bought in the store. We spent 1 year redesigning the series: DIVER 44mm and DIVER 42mm in 2018 Launched not too long ago, DIVER X and LADY DIVER were launched last month. We have now presented three new although instantly recognizable dive chronograph watches. All UN DIVER representations have been skillfully reworked by means of our designers, and Set flat in a trench throughout the collection: pin buckle-just an easily recognizable Ulysse Nardin signature "element"-and certainly the rotating, inverted as well as recessed bezel with domed sapphire glass ", Ulysse Narr Ulysse Nardin PRESIDENT Patrick Pruniaux said.

    Diver Chronograph 44mm Dual Shark Limited Edition
    The new launched hero is securely on top of the final "Divers Tide" and is the new Hammerhead Shark Limited Edition, a type sturdy enough to get the title "Shark Resistant".high quality replica watches

    Hammerhead sharks are named after their very own unusual and unique cranium structure and are excellent should. They use their strangely fashioned "hammer" heads to improve all their ability to find prey. That limited edition slam dunk-only 300 pieces-hammerhead sharks customized on the case back, indistinctly pay tribute to the significant brothers (Diver Great Light 44mm and Diver Pink Shark). The shark's open-mouth is engraved with a exclusive grid pattern to enhance the actual aggressiveness of the animal, turning it into more fashionable and macho. In addition , the sharks now are displayed directly in front of them, as opposed to the side outlines, with a vibrant, more confident look. Ulysse Nardin follows the tradition involving "hammerhead"-the brand has been developing the long-lasting "blue & red hammerhead" for several years-this new wathe also features a silicon escapement and a 48-hour power reserve The particular UN-150 self-winding movement is actually powered. Red is everywhere you go: from the bezel, the timepiece second hand, the start / cease / reset button, and ultimately the red hammerhead shark rubber strap carved together with rubber at 12 o'clock. The unique side panel is likewise engraved with red statistics.

    Diver chronograph 44 millimeters, black and titanium
    For this unit, the sapphire case again, bezel and UN "element" are made of titanium alloy along with a black rubber bezel. For the dial, some elements are usually colored in red, such as central seconds hand. Crucial diver codes are below: ultra-durable sapphire crystal, screw-in crown, Superluminova at situation 0, flip-out rotating viser, which gives you a glimpse from darkest depth, and is water-repellant to 300 meters. Typically the strap options are variable: rubberize strap, metal strap as well as fabric strap with finished scratches.HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION 45 MM CRUZ-DIEZ

    Immerse watch 44 mm time counter, blue and rose gold
    Due to model, the case, sapphire caseback, bezel and UN "Elements" are made of 5N rose gold. Hands and fingers, UN anchor logo and board index are rose gold. Every one of the required diver logos are generally here: ultra-durable sapphire crystal clear, screw-in crown, Superluminova with 0, reverse-rotating bezel for just a glimpse of the darkest types; water-resistant to 300 measures. The strap options are shifting: rubber strap, metal tie or fabric strap using closed scratches.

    Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph Hammerhead Shark 1503-170-3/93-HAMMER Replica Watch

    Brand: Ulysse Nardin

    Range: Diver Stop-watch Hammerhead Shark Limited Copy

    Model: 1503-170-3/93-HAMMER

    Case stuff: Titanium

    Movement: Self Winding/Automatic

    Gender: Men

    Case measurement: 44. 00 mm

    Crystal clear: Sapphire

    FUNCTIONS: Hours, A few minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph

    Predicament shape: Round

    Bracelet content: Rubber

    BUCKLE: Pin Gear

    Dial colour: Blue

    WATER PROOFING: 30. 00atm / 500. 00m / 1000. 00ft

    Year: 2019

    Ulysse Nardin Diver Observatory watch evaluate

    Hat a kind of diving observe you would expect from a model like Athens, but an expensive luxury? Although the Ulysse Nardin Diver chronograph did not depart the original intention of the scuba dving watch, but an elegant and also exquisite luxury diver, it usually is best suited for people who specialize in manteau activities-whether they are also diving. I do think that there is definitely room to get such a unique choice inside luxury divers replica watches review phase of about $ 8, 000. The inevitable nautical motif may diminish its impress, but Ulysse Nardin delivers refreshing features in many connected with its secure, familiar, along with conservative designs.

    The Ulysse Nardin Diver chronograph is a core collection of the brand and has now been refreshed several times in the past. For 2018, the brand features updated every part of it has the design. Please note that when most of us announced the new generation in the Ulysse Nardin Diver stop-watch, we discussed the differences in addition to compared it with the heading 2014 version announced the following, which itself was refurbished. Simplify and dial rear, but retain the style good sense established by the series, plainly every element of the case as well as dial has been adjusted inside 2018.

    Totally manufactured proprietary, the UN-118 automatically travels at 4Hz operation having ample power reserve of 70 hours. Its design will be interesting, it has wing-shaped sense of balance bridges, and it does very well with polished bevels and also radial Geneva stripes. The corporation doesn't seem to need to "certify" its own watch, but they have an interesting detail, and even the particular movement has a "Ulysse Nardin Certified" seal nicely paper on it. UN-118 uses a si balance spring and a DIAMonSIL escapement. More and more watchmakers are choosing silicon for these types of factors, but in Ulysse Nardin designer watches, it is particularly interesting along with noteworthy because they are pioneers throughout using silicon.

    DIAMonSIL is often a combination of silicon and man-made diamond, "eliminating friction in addition to eliminating the need for lubrication on the escapement", it is produced in synergy with the Swiss company Sigatec. Silicon also does not sink into magnetization, and each of these traits is like the answer to the ugly circumstance of ancient watchmakers. In this manner a fun and powerful training. In case you need more than this (and the brand's unique Ulysse Nardin certified stamp), this is a COSC chronograph qualified watch with a clear identify. In addition to the obvious time (small seconds and date (6 o'clock) and power reserve pointer (12 o'clock)), a little effect of UN-118 movement is that you simply can easily adjust the go as far back and forth.HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH MYKONOS 8TH EDITION

    Often the titanium case of the Ulysse Nardin Diver chronograph is absolutely not too thick for a delving watch, but it does not glimmer on the wrist. It also possesses an extensive architecture, with handful of details to discover-certainly in excess of necessary. I especially much like the new border design than the upcoming generation, but In my opinion basically everything has been mastered. Patrick Pruniaux became typically the CEO of Ulysse Nardin in 2017, and the Un told us that he seemed to be personally involved in the redesign with the Diver Chronometer - issue version and other recently unveiled products indicate that he is usually adopting the brand, Then I are very optimistic about it.

    Ulysse Nardin's rubber strap, featuring a single chain buckle as being the nameplate of the brand name, is a vital part of the packaging and practical experience. I really can't imagine adjusting it often, but the bracelet selection can be cool because many versions from the previous systems are also great. However , often the strap is not integrated together with the watch itself like different components. The matching pink rubber is used not only for any strap, but also for the frame and crown guards. While I believe Ulysse Nardin functions high-quality materials, it even now remains a problem over time. The way watch collectors view the regarding watches and their materials, as well as anyone who spends that money on luxury things, should consider it.

    If persons find contradictory terms with luxury diving watches, in order to misunderstand. Their purpose is definitely slightly different from the sturdy program list variety. Diving wristwatches are fun to wear, and companies such as Ulysse Nardin usually are elaborating on the details and also high-end movements to develop this wearing experience. Naturally , diving is possible, but searching at the Ulysse Nardin Diver chronograph, you know that it is exciting at all levels.FRANCK MULLER Cintree Curvex Replica Watches

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    Hydro Mechanical watchmaker: Fab Six

    1. hyt watches replica - Six partners, each with specific capabilities. At the helm of the CEO, Vincent Perriard - a well-known figure in the watch industry, as he directed TECHNOMARINE from 2009 and was responsible for significantly stimulating sales. Prior to this, he served as President of Concord, leading the brand to the coveted 2008 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Design Watch Award. Vincent has served as the Vice President of the Swatch Group under the late Nicolas Hayek Senior in the position of Director of Global Marketing/Communication at Audemars Piguet, where he established brand DNA in Paris, New York and Geneva, specializing in branding. And brand strategy.

    2. But HYT is primarily a crazy idea - indicating the mechanical watch fluid with time. Lucien Vouillamoz first thought of this idea. He also thought of the principle of connecting two reservoirs to the ends of the capillary and the principle of separating the liquid from the meniscus to tell the time. However, there is no background in his extremely fragrant - there is a degree of thermodynamics, nuclear engineer, which means he will - theologians, journalists and car consultants to develop one of the 21 most amazing watchmaking concepts of the century.

    3. The commercial angel and project partner Patrick Berdoz from the word go received initial funding and is now the chairman of HYT swiss replica watches . His expertise? Patrick Berdoz is a seasoned, experienced entrepreneur who provides these experiences to partners. He has registered more than 100 patents in his career. Among other feats, as the CEO and president of Precimed, a medical prosthetic expert, he took the company to a glorious peak and rescued it from 17 to 800 employees on three continents within a decade.

    4. Bruno Moutarlier is responsible for all development and transforms the concept into real-time performance, which is a key part of solving this problem. He teaches Helbling Technik (pharmaceutical specialist) engineers on fluid components and guides Chronode's watchmakers in mechanical development. As the long-term industrial director of Audemars Piguet, he introduced carbon and guided ambitious investment projects that would never scare him.

    5. Emmanuel Savioz is responsible for the finance of HYT. Emmanuel, an MBA degree holder at the University of California, Berkeley, began his career in mergers and acquisitions in prestigious institutions in the US and Europe. Back in Switzerland, he worked in high-potential start-ups in high-potential trading and fundraising. In the past 15 years, he has participated in more than 20 transactions, totaling about 60 billion Swiss francs, and accompanied ten Swiss high-tech companies in the process of entrepreneurship and development.HYT h1 replica

    6. On the local front, Biel's Ion Schiau joined HYT as vice president of sales and marketing after leading Hublot's “retail” development as an international retail manager. He graduated from HEI (Geneva International Graduate School) and traveled all over the world for his love of the watch industry, starting with the Swatch Group in New York and then as the sales manager at cK Calvin Klein. Driven by his passion, he rebuilt his connection with his homeland by creating Chronotime, which has since become a major partner for Romania's large Swiss watch brands.

    But the actors who seem to be like the Dream Team didn't end there, because the six partners of HYT also have two unusual roles on the board of Preciflex SA, namely:

    Michael Orsinger, senior vice president and head of OTC at Novartis. As of 2004, Michael served as the chief operating officer of Synthes Inc. A few years later, he became CEO before selling the company for 21 billion Swiss francs in 2011. The company has no fewer than 11,400 employees worldwide and a turnover of 3.7 billion Swiss francs.jacob watches

    Last but not least, we have Dr. Ernst Thomke, Senior Consultant. As the co-founder of SSIH / SMH, he is now a smart person of the Swatch Group and brings a wealth of experience. In addition, he participated in the board of Ebauches SA and SMH owned by ETA. With a Master of Science and a medical degree, as well as INSEAD graduates, Ernst Thomke brings HYT a global multi-level vision of the entire value chain.

    Everyone knows the rest of the story: First, HYT puts all the participants focused on their booth and shows the new time show at the 2012 Baselworld Watch Fair on H1. Then, most watchmakers began to cheer on the achievements of inserting liquids into the machine. Finally, the challenges of H1 production are particularly complex and incompatible with the watchmaking culture. Therefore, only a few watch experts have an immediate understanding of the exact function of the fluid module.mp05 laferrari titanium

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