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In the morning, the sun passed through the treetops, through the window, on the desk, I tried to prop up my body Marlboro Cigarettes, stunned, and quietly enjoying the short, beautiful morning wash, I strolled to the kitchen. I remember that my mother was still sleeping because she worked overtime late yesterday. When I grow up so long, my mother usually gets up early to cook for us. Today I will solve it myself. I touched the stomach that was hungry and screamed, went to the refrigerator and looked for ingredients to prepare breakfast. The oil in the pot sizzled, smelling the scent of the eggs, I was very energetic. Not long after, the original empty table had been set with omelettes, bacon and tomatoes. The scent of the delicious food filled the room in an instant. On this cold morning, the delicious sandwich is served with a steaming soy milk. I think that when my mother gets up, I will see my carefully prepared breakfast. It must be touched by the smile. The smile that gently evokes the corner of the mouth is also simple in winter. Happiness. After breakfast, I went back to my room and took out my favorite "Journey to the West", opened the window and let a warm sun shine on the bed. Lying on the bed, leaning against the pillow Newport 100S, holding the book, flipping through the pages, a lively character jumped on the paper. Taste the ups and downs and thrilling plots of the four men on the westbound road, as if they were sent back to the Tang Dynasty and follow them through the dangerous road to the west. At this moment, what is reflected in the lines between the words, is not a kind of spiritual satisfaction and simple happiness in the afternoon, the sun is getting warmer, and the people are getting lazy. At this time, I used to wear headphones and squatted on the balcony looking at the bustling crowd on the road. Some of them were holding hands in groups of three, and they walked on the road with laughter and laughter; some of them took the children with three mouths and walked into the toy store. This short and wonderful afternoon time is the best time to enjoy life and feel simple happiness. As the sun sets, I come to the place where my friends have agreed to make a toast, and feel the time I spend with my friends and enjoy the joy of friendship. Looking at my friends with a smile full of youth, subtle and simple happiness is born. At night, the rain drizzled outside the window, the warm interior, I took the brush, quietly looked up and down the father who wrote and painted on the book case, spread the sofa on the sofa to see the mother of the Korean drama, nestled on the sofa, a small lazy sleep The cat and the younger brother who played the game in front of the computer and screamed twice. A few strokes of understatement, record this warm moment. It is just ordinary everyday, and it can also make people feel the faint happiness Newport Cigarettes. In fact, happiness is very simple. A bowl of hot soup in the cold, a meat bag when you are hungry, find your favorite sounds in thousands of music... These plain moments are happy and ubiquitous, everywhere. We only need to look carefully and feel with our heart. At that time, you will be surprised to find that happiness is as simple as that.
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