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What reasons are more first-time drivers deciding to buy or lease a Jaguar over another model? Autos Articles | May 23, 2012
The amount of people hitting the open road is growing on a yearly basis and a large percentage has chosen to drive a Jaguar as their first ever motor car. Why is this the case?

With a Jaguar you get an engine that is manufactured for immense levels of speed and sporting performance. Jaguar cars have a reputation for their high-speed performance and rallying capabilities, which is evident when driving a Jaguar. Although the engine in a Jaguar may not be as efficient as other cars, it allows you to go from 0-60 in seconds. This level of speed is much faster than many of the other models on the market and makes it ideal for motorway driving. However, when driving the car you can''t help but wish it had a higher speed limit John Kelly Jersey , so that you could experience what a Jaguar engine is really capable of.

When individuals consider Jaguar a few things come into their thoughts like for example class, spaciousness, state-of-the-art design and elegance. Even though this could be a general popular impression of the famed brand design carried on by advertising, it is expected that these thoughts are right. In fact, if Jaguar were not offering a good alternative then their motors would not be as loved as they presently are. This popularity is evident as Jaguar has high sales and leasing figures for the majority of their models. With enough options for the purchaser it is not difficult to see why UK drivers hold Jaguar in such great esteem.

Maybe what puts Jaguar cars above their competition is their upgraded functionality John Franklin-Myers Jersey , as consumers don''t want a sports car with poor handling. As of this, some of the luxury cars in the Jaguar range boast a range of great features that a motorist would expect from their vehicle, such as clear displays, comfortable interiors and climate control. These improved features, as well as a number of others Brian Allen Jersey , combine to make driving the Jaguar a fun and comfortable driving experience, whatever you want to get out of your car. Thorough design features such as these mean that you can really feel comfortable in your Jaguar and you''ll know that the Jaguar is the best car choice for your driving requirements.

Wanting to take a Jaguar out on the roads is unavoidable once you see it in all its beauty. That is because the bodywork on a Jaguar is stunningly designed with a mixture of sharp and smooth lines that create a classy car with attitude. Many will attest to the fact that Jaguar cars are just stunning to view but the only problem is that driving one means that you can''t witness its superb structure. This means it''s easily understandable why Jaguars are costly, as the design intentions of their models are disparate to the ordinary models that are made by the host of other car firms. Yet with a company you might be surprised at how affordable Jaguars are to drive.

Jaguar cars are known for their stunningly elegant interiors that offer style, luxury and comfort to both passenger and driver alike. This is no exception with the newest Jaguar''s as they have sweeping lines and quality upholstery that help to stylise their models and make them some of the most sought after cars today. They also have up to date electronics and sleek display panels that set Jaguar models apart from some of the big manufacturers in the car industry. As a result, when you drive a Jaguar you can''t help but feel safe Joseph Noteboom Jersey , calm and content.

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