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18.04.2020 08:33
She is of medium build Antworten

She is of medium build, with long black hair and slightly curly hair, a white round face, and a mouth that is polite, humorous, and a pair of sensitive ears. She is my vocal teacher-teacher Tan Chunfang. She is approachable, she loves her students very much, she is very serious in class and very humorous. She is very responsible to every classmate. If we sing anything badly, she will remind us calmly and give us a demonstration Newport 100S. Is a well-regarded vocal teacher. I remember once, I went to vocal class. When practicing a song, there is a tone I always sing. The teacher was not impatient, and slowly taught me to sing every syllable. I often encourage me. It is that kind of encouragement that made me work harder. Once I want to perform publicly, the teacher will be more strict with me. By the day of the show, I'm going to play right away. I was so nervous in my heart that Teacher Tan saw me and encouraged me on the side: "Come on! Don't be nervous!" This sentence gave me great encouragement, and I entered the state as soon as I played Cheap Cigarettes. After stepping down, the teacher said to me: "This performance is awesome, continue to work hard next time!" After hearing this sentence, I laughed happily and the teacher smiled happily! The person I admire most, Teacher Tan, It is a quality that she taught me in life, that is-a sense of responsibility. Part two: The most admired teacher I have an affable teacher, he is pure, noble and kind in my mind, if I am a lotus, then my teacher is the lotus leaf, cover me Windshield rain. If I were a leaf, then my teacher was a branch, and he kept feeding me. After listening to these, you must want to know who my teacher is? Then I will tell you that my teacher is famous and affable. Teacher Zhou. In my first stage, Teacher Zhou's every move made a big impression, and every word and deed left a deep impression in my mind. When I learned a system of one-element equations in the first semester of junior high school, I always had a bad habit: I did n��t write ��when solving equations��. Teacher Zhou had to work hard to remind me when I was doing a question, but out of laziness, I always do n��t Write, one day, during a class, the teacher joked with me a nickname: "Missing" so this nickname has been with me for one semester so it makes me unforgettable Online Cigarettes, whenever I hear someone Say: "I lack morality" I remembered that thing, so I never missed a step when I studied the system of binary linear equations next semester.
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18.04.2020 11:31
#2 RE: She is of medium build Antworten

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