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21.05.2020 08:54
Six years have passed Antworten

Six years have passed, but many memories will become the most precious collection in our lives: burly sycamore trees, wide playgrounds, picturesque promenades, bright classrooms ... we must remember when we first entered school The ambitious ambitions you and I have made sure that we still study and study in our classrooms, libraries and laboratories, and we still remember the kind of heartfelt joy that you and I gave when breakthroughs were made in the teachers ��teachings and exercises. I must still remember the exercise scenes of you and me on the sports ground ... There are too many scenes worth remembering. I remember once, I accidentally stepped on a stone while running, and fell heavily on the ground. I couldn't bear the pain and fainted with a cry. At the time, some of the female classmates who ran at the end immediately rushed around me, and the teacher took me to the infirmary and called my parents. My parents immediately came to take me to the hospital. The doctor said: "Her leg has been injured before, this time there is a fracture, and it may not be able to run anymore Newport Cigarettes." Listening to my mother, during the second class, the teacher and many classmates came to the hospital to visit me Online Cigarettes. I was still in a coma ... After a few weeks, the classmates came to see me again at the usual time. They took me to rest on the lawn downstairs Marlboro Gold, "Ah!" So comfortable, I haven't seen the scenery outside in so many days. The classmates told me the recent situation in the school, but I told them the recent situation of my legs. After a while, the classmates pulled me up and led me to learn to walk slowly ... I ran up ... Yes, the teacher ��s care, the friendship of the students, in three years All the sweets and bitters, our primary school life will draw a full stop after a year, this period will also be the horn of our pursuit to a higher level. Our alma mater, our motherland, our times are all magnificent forces that guide our footsteps and direction. I used to think that when I grew up, I wanted to become an athlete, but I gave up; I used to think that when I grew up, I wanted to become a singer, but I could n��t; An actor, but my parents disagree. I now think: I will become an excellent model when I grow up. I believe that I will not give up again, and I will succeed. Therefore, I should study hard now, study hard, never fail, never give up! Stick to my dream!
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