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later not to become me and joke can big.Although what important event giving offense to Smith's household is, at least broke a source of income."
The household of Smith has rather big influence in Europe, half white the half is black, influence all over EU each main member's country, if can lend machine to expand there of business, to Yu orchid basin the development that will ascend is also a tremendous help.
"Hold!Can I not promise to dare to also put this words?You send out invitation to Smith's household right away, what engaging fair lady, gentleman good Qiu, all turn over into English German French, say not always Tai to the that girl long for deep-rooted, invite her to take together trip to rouge river, raise a case together eyebrow, reach old age together."
"Feed, my son's wedding can open get not what fun, always make again in case of Tai that boy what pout, I this old face go toward where put?"
"I promise to change your idea of dog son of and send out an invitation letter quickly, a little bit more formal, the language of expression is a little bit more sincere, must make the beautiful young lady arrive to before tomorrow."Mama of, water more the Hun is more good, I don't believe your Mo always Tai don't marry ocean girl to be a wife.'
"It is all right, temporary believe you once."
Liao learns a soldier the decoration complete, straight-tempered don't return to studio, sought a place of spare time to prepare to arrange the classmates to let the dear teacher Mo brings shame well, consumedly of the dew is lovely.
He just walked to the turf-grass to think that the place that sought a piece of flatness takes a sunbathe, the Tu listens to after death the step rang out, a wet soft body embraced himself/herself.
The meat that presses two regiment softnesses on the back, rounds two hands before the body pure white and delicate, a hundred per cent can break to settle and hug own women of being a , and still young woman, temple snow Lin that kind of need not thought, really is to destroy completely teacher too, he a record Taichi anti- sweep to pass by.
Short half second, Liao learns a soldier the Shan ground is numerous minds, the shell Xiao a Dan still a Mu to permit blue fall or Su does ice cloud suddenly discover the place of his/her own hero and specially run a hurl bosom to send to embrace?Even is a clock Bai finally mimicry not oneself, beautiful younger sister Tui D does Liu Jing come to vindicate?
He returns overdo smell an once acquainted with of You joss-stick, person's hair feeling own is started to blow by the breeze, kissed after him a neck, unexpectedly is a Yang very comfortable.
A good-looking face comes into view:"Liao's eldest brother!"
Liao learns a soldier settle the certain absolute being just make he or she continue to keep on breathing and in a twinkling have already as usual resume, light say with smile:"River rain Xi classmate, meet by coincidence so you, don't greatly study well in the sea, return mother school to think of to come and go?"
It is exactly a nouveau riche to embrace his summer however of cousin, river, rain Xi, more than a months didn't see, the outlooking launches a person more, the smiling face is sweet, and the beautiful lips make people want on seeing to chew an one mouthful.
"I miss you!Especially the idea runs to come over!"River rain Xi one openings then and directly confide to want an idea of thinking.
Try to ask to there is a ray of light that emits Qing Mu and dream in as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade girl's eyes, Yang wears a face to speak "miss you" to you, this world who can arrive to be subjected to live?-Chen You Nian's generation isn't and therein.
Certainly, same in addition to having a little abnormally old Liao, do to want everything to pay attention to a mood, have no a mood full rice, have no the mood don't do to live, have no the mood don't steep a girl.
He lightly pushes away a river Yu Xi to say:"Classmate, this is the public situation, please watch for to pay close attention to behavior."
River rain Xi is one Leng.Immediately say with smile:"Liao's eldest brother, I said last time of that sentence you is not at not happy, begging you don't got angry very not?In fact I think afterwards, return to once seek you to all can not find several times."
Run into Mu to permit for the first time blue fall, the bond maid nature can't say.Directly went classroom and ask a few boys for the second time, boy a see the so beautiful female kid seek teacher Liao and frivoled too much and pushed and said not to know in succession, for the third time then seek a cousin for summer however, the summer is deprived the qualifications of nouveau riche, the in the mind is very not happy, ignore her, down to date see depressed Liao learn a soldier, temporarily happy matchless, rushed toward up.

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