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"Take under etc. you visit our manors, in fact I have never seen as well, go first to bathe in the hot spring."The mandarin duck bath is a proper business, don't stir around.
The Mu permits ice rain to feel our two wordses to are really too wonderful, from now on is their 2 people's house here, say with smile:"I make elder sister Yan move thing to come over in the evening."
Immediately the old Liao skin of head one becomes numb:Being small and blue to fall get not also give° my skin to pick just strange, temporary and slowly the diagram slowly enters and wait time is propitious hereafter again say ……set up for to advisedly say with smile:"Ice rain, I guess you are certain 100 think not get its solution, in fact these are thousand Jias the owner don't fluently and not send to mine, because I did a matter for him before.But, you also know, Mo owner that guy is cunning and vicious, callous and cruel, the bad matter does extremely, I am afraid that he isn't when happy and then suddenly turns over a face, therefore live scared in my tremble with fear.You still keep singing well and wait next year buy a set of house in the peaceful mountain, we live again together when the time comes."
"The owner of Mo?"The Mu permitted ice rain to get a fright:"His place do you dare to also live?Move away to come quickly, to my house good."
"I am afraid to move away and want to ask for him not happy, Mo owner unpredictable mood, the temper is very peculiar."
"That I definitely good work, you wait my good news."
Ascend another car, cross villas and swimming pool, back door, get into the empress mountain of spreading the full defoliation small way.Fall the deadwood of the light leaf and the often green plant of the spring onion Yu to be juxtaposed together, the big squirrel jumps around in the head.The ray of light of the sun bottom, the hilltop dyed one gold, make people free of mind and happy of heart.
"Is well beautiful!, The top of hill still has temple, too like, really want to live here, Liao learns a soldier, rather you let Mo the owner open a price, I buy here down, later not afraid he harassed."
"That is the temple of the gods of the month absolute being moxa dew boon.Yi, the ring wears really beautiful on the your hand."Old Liao skillfully transfers her attention.
"What about another of your rings?Isn't 1 rightness?"
Old Liao isn't clear so, only have unclear its phrase:"H'm ……I in a shop inside see 1 and feel that you put on it to definitely go together with very much, buy down of, what 1 rightness, basically don't know."
The Mu permits ice rain tiny disappointment, but still keeps satisfying very much, dark make a firm decision:"I swear even if become bankrupt to also want to find out another ring, Liao learns a soldier, I is all yours forever."
After a short moment then sees the halfway up a hill of distance not, there is an unique small house, come out cloudy fog spirit.
The driver with concentration drives and pour don't forget Ma Pi of clapping the host as well, however his Ma Pi Wei is very thin, Be just responsible for explaining hot springs, show own smart ability with this:"Because the month absolute being temple of the gods is covered top, afterwards the tour discovers the time of hot springs no longer knows originally call what name, hence be called Tai orchid virtuous hot springs, the Tai orchid is virtuous is a female of moon to offer sacrifices to in the myth of name., Water of the hot springs comes from to leave several hot rocks of 100 meters deep place in the ground, water temperature often the year attain 81 degrees, the spring is pure and transparent, imply, copper, iron, , iodine etc.20 various to human body beneficial trace element, the water temperature is immediately too high, to can not go into the aqueous, after side setting up a big pond son to take out hot springs to come up to cool off and hot water Chan at a cake of, can arbitrarily regulate oneself's quite the cheese temperature."
That building is indeed as expected built up hotel shape, the first floor is a saloon, locker room, restaurant and toilet, the upstairs still have the guest room to repair luxury.
Pass hall back door, sees be divided into quite a few district, there is the indoor of, there is also the open-air, around cover with the huge rock, round the small pond son of about five meters in Chengkong University diameter, only stay an a door to be provided for person to come in and go out.The pond sub- bottom is a neat ceramic tile, the step of flank all insets marble and answered severals is divided into cold water, hot water, spray, big discharge of faucet, design elaboration consideration, match humanization and human body comfort index.

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