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All hide a sturdy strength all over Antworten

Green rain but is hum 1:"Is really lazy!See my elder brother, I just get up, my elder brother at boxing!"
"I heel green mountain he compares, don't go to bed."The Teng green tiger stops long gun, say with smile, " you don't see as well, your elder brother crosses legs to sit in silence in the evening at after courtyard inside.How do I compare?Let me don't go to bed, sit in silence?Sit in silence to be a sleeping?I can have no this skill!"
Inside the empress courtyard, but spread to repeatedly roar and shout a voice.
Sees the Teng green mountain is practicing three body types, common three body types, at Teng green mountain hand in but had specially lingering charm.If cautiously see, can discover, the legs of Teng green mountain well hide a bow, that or so double of arms is also a bow, the whole body is also a bow!
All hide a sturdy strength all over!
Is slow-moving, fast disease!
In full charge on recording a boxing, if draw back strength bow, project relentless one arrows!
Accept power!
The Teng green mountain chest imitates Buddha bellows, long long exhale an one breath, have one on the face silk serene smiling face.
Practice three body types every time, the Teng green mountains all realize one to living unclearly interest not, the yin and yang tempers of artistic conception.Just, that artistic conception are too profound, the Teng green mountain is hard to investigate deeply.
"The cousin, the light rain, gets up pretty and early today of, walk, we have breakfast."The Teng green mountain walks toward the ex- courtyard.
"Elder brother, you must change clothes, today but believe in a lord to formally accept the elder brother as the big day of pupil!When the time comes will at big palace on, invite many elders and protect persons like method,etc to be present together."Green rain connects to say.
Teng green mountain a see oneself's clothes.
Have dust on the clothes, because be also quiet to fix in the courtyard for a night, infect by dust on the clothes.
"Is not hasty, I come back to flush after the breakfast bottom, change clothes."The Teng green mountain says.
3 people then and together leave abode.
The dynasty sun rises, Xia light ten thousand Zhangs, shine in glory to return a dollar Zong Da Dun Dian.
Out of the big palace those several F step up, stand to return a dollar religion a great deal of core pupil, a pupil stands over there and unifies to be dressed in white robe.The body is straight, but at pole some roads in the distance up, also have more core pupils 35 in groups come together together, the Yao sees the big palace low voice discussing.
"Believe in today in have what important event?My uncle Shi there are also 27 other pupils, all does the Hou write outside the big palace!"
"Who know, 27 pupils entitle to outside the palace to stand, we 28s can from afar looking at.See!Teacher Zu!, There is also elder, protect a method they!"
Many core pupils all see a group of persons in the distance.
These people, is return a dollar religion real key figures!Teng green mountain at the moment among these people.
"All 100 men are long, each step stands 2 people!One by one in order and downwards stand, all the station is outside the palace."A black strength packs of hope that the Hong loudly drinks a way, with grow in 100 men in crowds all respectful voice in response to the life, this time big palace come together, connect a black A soldier 100 men grow all not qualified enter big palace, can be outside the palace.
Sees in addition to palace, each step, each have two 100 men long and two 27 core pupils, the Teng green tiger would is an among those.
Big palace on!
Or so each two lines of chairs, a line, had been lining up till big palace doorway.The or so two lines of chairs is each to have 18, add totally 36 chairs!
Four greatly get generally, 11 all govern all and sit on the right side.The black A soldier totally has all all 12ses and just have among them an all govern in the outside.In addition to these 15 people, there is also river rather county city of'district magistrate'and city Wei soldier of'general'2 people.Sit at four greatly get a front generally.
There are these 17 people, nature, the right side this leaves first nobody to sit.
But the left side one the row is 18 seats, equally 17 people sit down, leaves left first place nobody to sit!

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