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05.12.2019 07:38
s constant practice. From this, I Antworten

Life is sometimes a mirror that reflects the true feelings of many people. Life is also a sharpening stone, which makes us more and more sharp and more tenacious. In life, we understand a lot, and experience the fun that we can't find in words and lines. In life, we learn to grow. In life, we learn to be independent. In life, we learn to reflect. On a sunny morning, I still had a drowsy sleep, closed my eyes, and groped out of the room. Without taking a few steps, I only heard a bang, and my head was hugging the refrigerator. I rubbed my head and looked intently. The small note on the refrigerator said, "Baby, my parents are not at home today, and I made breakfast at home." A smiley face was also drawn at the end of the paper. Thinking: Isn't it just for breakfast? What's the big deal? I looked up, and the smiley face above seemed to encourage me: Come on! You must do it Cigarettes Online. I will wash it at the fastest speed. Open the refrigerator and look around. Fresh tomatoes, Huang Chengcheng eggs, standing neatly one by one. This scene reminds me of the military parade Marlboro Cigarettes. The soldiers are in front of me. , Became the ingredients I needed most at this time. I picked an egg from the refrigerator, brought a clean bowl, and gently tapped the edge of the bowl with the egg shell. The "snap" egg shell cracked a gap, and I used my fingernails to pick the egg shells on both sides. With a hard push, I saw the crystal clear egg white and the egg yolk embedded in the egg white grunting, slipping into the bowl. Then, I put the tomatoes on a wooden board and pressed the tomatoes with a knife to make him unable to move. I pressed it again with the palm of my hand. The tomato juice was like a volcanic eruption, but in the end, I surrendered and cut it into pieces. Two halves. I took a pot and filled it with water, stewed it on the gas stove for a while, and threw the beaten eggs and tomatoes together. I thought it was all over, and I thought: I really want to taste my chef Zhou's craftsmanship. I picked up a book and sat down and waited. After a while, I remembered this. I hurried over and lifted the lid, but was surprised to find that the eggs were burnt. I tasted it and realized that there was no salt. Yes, life needs constant practice. From this, In the matter, I know that whatever you do is like cooking vegetables Cheap Cigarettes, you ca n��t be half-hearted, you ca n��t be busy for a while, be busy for a while, be careful, do n��t lose yourself in life, we have to grow, to be independent, and to reflect
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