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In life, beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere, and the scenery in my mind is the usual but impressive sea. In summer vacation, my family and I went to the beach to play. At this time, the sun flooded the sea surface Online Cigarettes, and the blue water shimmered in gold. , Silver-gray seagulls fly freely in the air. I walked barefoot on the soft sand and looked back, a series of footprints followed me to the distance. On the beach, waves of sea breeze blew my hair from time to time. I stood at the seashore, watching the waves of the sea rush at me Wholesale Cigarettes, and backed back, like a naughty child, who slapped the reef on the shore, but walked away reluctantly. I can't help rushing into the sea, ah! Really cold. From a distance Newport 100S, the seawater can be really blue. It blends into the sky on the distant horizon, which is really beautiful. There are so many people swimming in the sea, they dive into the sea like a fish, and I look dumb. Suddenly, a wave came over and I was poured into a "chicken soup". I was so excited, jumping and screaming with joy, joyous laughter echoed in the air for a long time. I hurried back, away from the swimming people and the waves, to a seaside with few people, listening to the waves and gently telling me. My soul is flying with the beautiful melody of the waves. The sea is as romantic as poetry, dream as charming, and song as intoxicating. Seeing from a distance, my parents were sitting on the beach, talking and laughing, and I was like a free bird flying into the embrace of the sea and playing with the sun westward. I went back to the beach and I found shells along the beach. Can't find it. After a while, I managed to find a beautiful little shell. I was about to pick it up, but was snatched by the waves mercilessly. I regret that I don't move fast, otherwise, I will have a beautiful little shell. I looked forward as I walked forward, and walked so far that I could not find the small shell I was satisfied with. Seeing that it was early, I reluctantly returned to my parents. Mom and dad weren't idle on the beach, they kept taking pictures of me. The photo shows the sea, the ship, the seagulls, and the people who swim. Every time I recall the summer vacation, I feel a lot of emotion every time I take out the photo. The most beautiful scenery in my mind is the endless sea. She is vast, turbulent, and magnificent. She is refreshing and imaginative. The sea is my favorite.
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