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In the last decade or so cosmetic surgery has grown significantly in popularity with celebrities and TV production companies all getting involved. With so many people turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks should you also be looking to cosmetic surgery? It should be clearly stated that cosmetic surgery is not for everyone but does offer some significant benefits. Today we are going to look at the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

Despite the recession Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jersey , skin care provided by both untrained and trained cosmeticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons remains the most popular treatments at present. These can vary from Botox which is greatly overused to fillers which may have short-term and long-term side effects and skin peels which vary in the depth of damage to the skin and have the side effects in the deeper peels which are the most effective of altering skin pigmentation.

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical operation undertaken in the United Kingdom. Whilst under the influence of very commercial constraints Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey , patients should take great care in their choice of surgeon. Principally, for the important advice they should receive preoperatively because there are many compromises to be made in this operation with regards to the type of prosthesis and its actual surgical technique performed. The patient should also look for the long-term care they are likely to receive as these prostheses will not last forever. Lastly Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jersey , there are ways of greatly reducing the incidence of capsular contracture which remains the principle complication of this operation.

Liposuction is the most common operative procedure in the United States. The principle is that each person has a set amount of fat cells which can get bigger and each cell can increase in size as you gain weight and decrease in size as you lose weight. Therefore, by removing some of these fat cells Cheap Houston Texans Jersey , you can alter the number of cells that are present to get bigger or smaller. This removal of the fat cells can be by any form of physical force, i.e. the muscle power of the surgeon Cheap Green Bay Packers Jersey , ultrasound, laser etc. There is no evidence that any particular force is better than another. A liberated fat is best sucked away because Cheap Detroit Lions Jersey ,

can cause local inflammation.
fat can be reabsorbed and deposited in other areas of the body.

Liposuction has the biggest touch up rate or secondary surgery of any cosmetic surgery procedure.

With the aging population, the so called baby boomers live in a competitive environment and also have better health and a longer lifespan. Many patients wish to look as their body feels. The facelift surgery therefore has become much more common and usually involves a scar in front of and behind the ear with a further small scar under the chin. The principal mechanism of lift is on the SMAS layer which allows the surgeon to avoid damaging the underlying nerves and also gaining the maximum lift on the deep tissues avoids undue tension on the overlying skin. Creases are not removed by facelift. They are removed by resurfacing peels.

As part of the aging process the first signs of aging are often around the eyes with a slight drooping of the eyebrows Cheap Denver Broncos Jersey , there develops excess skin in the upper eyelids which can be removed by a simple operative procedure usually undertaken under local anaesthetic. If the brow is however low, then this is contraindicated and a brow lift is more appropriate. As part of the aging process Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jersey , fat is redistributed around the face and with the weakening ligaments around the eyes, eye bags can become apparent in the lower eyelid. Lower eyelid surgery is probably the most technically demanding of cosmetic surgery operations with the highest incidents of long-term complications.

There are of course many other types of procedures available with each offering their own set of benefits. If you are considering surgery make sure you consult a reputable clinic and are entirely comfortable with the operation. It is always essential to use your common sense and keep to the recommended safety advice.
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