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4X4 Trail Tips: Advice For Your First Off-Road Adventure Autos Articles | May 25 Bryce Love Jersey , 2012
When you?re new to 4X4 off-road adventures, it?s crucial to be prepared and know how to handle your vehicle for safety and performance. These tips will help get you safely there and back again in your 4X4.

You've just purchased your first 4X4 vehicle and you're ready to hit the road, or better yet, any stretch of terrain that's off-road. It's tempting to assume that your vehicle is indestructible, since it's specifically designed to take on just about any road or weather condition Terry McLaurin Jersey , but it's a beginner's mistake that could lead to damage or injury to you or your passengers. The trail tips below should be reviewed carefully before you set out and followed every time the urge to go four wheeling hits you.

Look Below

Take a good look at what's underneath your SUV. Even with substantial ground clearance, any vehicle will have a few points that are more vulnerable to damage because they hang low, are delicate or both. Check to see how low the petrol tank is and locate the differentials and gearbox. Knowing the lowest points on the undercarriage will help you avoid getting them snagged.

Look Ahead

Once you're on the trail, be sure to stop periodically and walk ahead to ascertain the conditions, particularly if you're cresting a summit Montez Sweat Jersey , going down a steep slope, or rounding a corner. You never know when a road could bottom out or some wet sand could turn into a quagmire. Always test the depth of any kind of water or mud to make sure you aren't in danger of sinking too far to get free.

Pack A Kit

Even the most experienced off-road driver can run into trouble with their 4X4, so be sure you've packed a kit that has all the essentials in case you get stranded. Carry a spare can of petrol as well as water and some food. A rope that's strong enough to pull your 4X4 out of a ditch and a shovel for digging out of sand or mud should also be included. If you'll be heading into territory where a cell phone won't have reception, take along a two-way radio or an emergency beacon just in case. Finally, take a GPS as well as recent maps of the area. Relying on GPS is fine Dwayne Haskins Jersey , but if it breaks or is damaged in an accident, nothing beats a detailed map of the area.

Reduce Your Tyre Pressure

Low tyre pressure will give you improved traction and performance on uneven terrain. How much pressure you bleed off will depend on the type of tyres. Talk to your 4X4 dealer or an experienced off-roader to determine how low you want to go. And don't forget to return the pressure to normal before returning to your regular driving.

Drive Your 4X4 Slowly

It may seem like it's more fun to give your vehicle full throttle and race over obstacles, but too much speed can result in getting hung up on an obstacle or rolling your 4X4. There are a few important exceptions; if you're stuck in mud or wet sand, you'll need to accelerate just enough to keep yourself afloat. You still won't want to go too fast; gentle acceleration is best.

Know How To Handle Obstacles

Driving your 4X4 up a steep slope can be exhilarating; just be sure you're doing it properly. Whenever possible, drive straight up or straight down. Taking a slope diagonally can quickly put you into a slide or Da'Ron Payne Jersey , in extreme cases, a rollover. When crossing corrugated trails or ditches, traversing logs or driving over uneven terrain, slow down and approach the obstacle one wheel at a time, letting your other three wheels help you over the area.

The exhilaration of your first off-road trip will stay with you for years as long as you prepare properly and follow the rules of safe 4X4 driving.

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Taking the CAB: Pune to Shirdi Travel Articles | November 4, 2015
Many passengers choose Pune as their pit stop in their journey to nearby places. Being a city well connected with the rest of the country by road, rail and by air, Pune serves as a good transit stop f...

Many passengers choose Pune as their pit stop in their journey to nearby places. Being a city well connected with the rest of the country by road, rail and by air Alex Smith Jersey , Pune serves as a good transit stop for travellers to various destinations. One such destination situated near Pune is Shirdi. Also known as Sai- dhaam, Shirdi is one of the favorite spots for a mini weekend trip and also a place of religious importance for Sai devotees and everyone alike.

There are many options for such people when it comes to selecting transport or commutation options from Pune to their respective destinations. These options include state transport buses, trains, private transport buses and private cab services. The selection of these mediums also depend on the number of travellers, whether group or solo Sean Taylor Jersey , budget of the travellers and also the time constraints. For e.g, if there is a family on a trip to Shirdi, then definitely a Pune to Shirdi cab would be a much convenient option as there are a lot of options available, viz. the size of the car, selection of an Ac or a non AC cab Washington Redskins Hats , departure time from Pune and the stops in between all can be decided as per the convenience of the travellers. ?Also as cab services are usually available round the clock, it becomes much easy for travellers who are arriving in Pune at odd hours by train or flight.

Also the Pune to Shirdi cab rental is something that would fit even a shoe string budget. With cab services available for a couple of thousand rupees, it serves as quite a handy option for all travellers, whether an individual or a group. Cab services a. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Retro Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Jerseys From China Wholesale MLB Jerseys China Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys

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