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When successful, who is also a friend; but only the mother --- she is the companion of failure. In a word of Zheng Zhenduo, how many mothers' toil behind the successful man! But everyone has a mother's love, that is not the winner's patent Marlboro Lights. The article "Mother" reveals little by little the mother's good intentions and the hard work behind the villain's book through the mother's support. It tells the story of a child in a poor family asking for and eventually returning to the mother to recover the villain book confiscated by the police, and the bitter feeling of the author asking his mother for money to buy a novel Online Cigarettes. I know the feeling. When you see your mother who has been educating you for so many years in such a harsh environment, when you suffer and suffer for a salary of less than 30 yuan a month Marlboro Red, your heart is like a million knife cutting. 30 yuan is not worth mentioning for now, just open it, as long as it is a well-off family, will give 30 yuan without hesitation. Who else is afraid of being scolded by their parents and dare not ask for money? We paid a lot of money regardless of their hard work. And this article is not to say how disrespectful the author is to his parents, but more so is their love. Who wouldn't be moved by a mother's sit-in demonstration, a roll of tickets and her thin body? There is no such bad environment now, but to whom can they tell their grievances? Only swallow it and digest it with the meal. Looking at the strong smiles on their faces, and touching the rough banknotes in their hands, who will not feel guilty in their hearts, but what use is guilt? Most people just talk about it. After a while of laughter, they feel that this is the right thing to do, and they turn our parents' expectations of us into a complete fantasy. They are getting old, and the extra silver wires on the buns seem to want you to realize --- be considerate of your parents! It seems simple to be compassionate. Use the money they earn to buy some supplements they do n��t like very much, send them to a less harmonious nursing home, and spend the second half of their life less happy. In the eyes of many people, this should be compassionate! But do you really think this is the kind of care that children should give them? Everyone understands the reason, why not do your best to do it? In the eyes of these people, parents are chess pieces. After they have done their due responsibilities, they are discarded and taken to the next step in life. But the compassion in my eyes is quite different. Compassion means understanding your parents. Compassion means caring for your parents. Compassion means returning in the middle of the night and they see the hot meals on the table. Compassion means calling you from the end of the phone after work. Being compassionate doesn't require you to do too much, it's just your true intentions. Just think about their care for us, and you know how to be compassionate
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