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rstand. I believe I will cherish Antworten

his is a story told by a god of death. A story that impresses death. It tells the story of the little book thief Lissel Meminger who met him three times Marlboro Red. During World War II, Germany was not very happy. Lisserre experienced the death of her brother in just two days. Her mother sent her to her adoptive parents' home and left heartily. Fortunately, Lisser's adoptive parents, the Hubermans, were very good to her. Although her family was not very good Marlboro Gold, especially Lisser's father, Hans Huberman, always gave Lisser many surprises and fun. In the small town of Morcin, she met Rudy Steiner, a little boy who liked her. They will go through many times together. Due to her background and family background, Lisser went through life and death, hid a Jew with her parents, and even stole a book. The book thief was first given to her by Rudy. These days went on day by day, and just as Lisser was satisfied with it, accidents happened one after another. Rudy was first seen by the Hitler Youth League Elite Summer Camp-but fortunately, God forbid, he didn't go at last. But Rudy's father and Hans Huberman recruited the Nazis into the army. A few months later Hans Huberman was too young to return home with a little injury. Death had told us before. Two years later. Many of Morchin's souls would be taken away by him. However, excluding only Lisser Meminger bomb finally came. That night, Lisser was obsessed with writing in the basement and fell asleep on the table. The radio didn't make a cuckoo-like sound, and the alarm went off all night. She eventually kissed the boy with lemon-colored hair-although he could not feel it anymore. And her favorite father and mother, the owner Mrs. Diller, Mrs. Huffy Petzell, and all died in this unwarned air strike. Death is also mentioned, and war is something he also does not like very much. He will also be tired. He didn't understand why human beings killed each other, let alone why the Jews were slaughtered. War is cruel, and racism is cruel. However, Germany, as a war protagonist, is not good at its people, and I am shocked after reading this book. The whole book is easy to understand. I believe I will cherish the peace day now, defend it, and advocate it. Cherish hard work today. Lisser's love for words also deeply moved me. Word is not only a material, a tool of manifestation, but also a spiritual food. And I have already had books for each work, and suddenly I have great respect. The entire book does not have too many gorgeous rhetoric, because it is an objective description of death without too much emotional exposure. However, the emotional expression of each character and the various environmental weather are just a few simple but vivid and vivid. This may be a benefit and memorable throughout my life, it will be deeply imprinted in my mind, always vibrant The ground is awake, allowing me to form an innate sensory memory Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
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