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, on the advice of my mother, Antworten

e even woven a net for Wilbur regardless of his life danger, so that he won the award and lived a happy life. The destiny crisis of Wilbur's slaughter was successfully resolved by Charlotte, but Charlotte exhausted all his life and reached the end of life! At that moment, I couldn't help crying. I was deeply moved by the kind little spider, such as a spider, but it was such a little spider who created a miracle with love. Beautiful. When Wilbur met Charlotte, Wilbur's fate changed, then who would we be in life, and who would change for us? Although the legend of Wilbur's life appears in fairy tales, stories of life that help and love each other often happen around us. Our dedication may not be as strong as Fei Liu Waterfall, but it must be as subtle as a stream of water, like us in class five (4)-remember that winter, when we knew that When the partner's mother became terminally ill, everyone couldn't help crying Cheap Cigarettes. At the teacher's call, everyone willingly donated their pocket money, and each classmate wrote a letter to the aunt, so that the aunt could overcome the illness as soon as possible. Later, some classmates and I will send 6100 yuan love letter and letter to their home. During that time, a warm heat flow was flowing in each of us. Unfortunately, the little partner's mother later left her favorite son and left. For a long time, he was immersed in the pain of losing his mother. We see in our eyes, we are anxious. We all secretly resolved to take good care of this little partner who lost her mother. So, the action to help him began quietly: in the end of the class, everyone would consciously make him happy, play with him, read comic books with him, tell him jokes; on weekdays Cigarettes For Sale, his desk would help him Newport Cigarettes, Let him make up for the lessons he has left; during the holidays, we will go to the orphanage to offer love, together we will organize a charity bazaar, let him feel the collective warmth, let him help the children who are more difficult than him ... The piles and small things are trivial, but the little partner slowly re-smiled with the help of us. Once, a teacher was going to take a class on motherhood in our class. A few days before class, I was always upset and kept telling my mother, what should the little friend do? Will he cry in class? Later, on the advice of my mother, I found the teacher who was in class and told her my concerns. The teacher told me that she would adjust the content of the class, and I was relieved! Later I knew that many of my classmates were worrying about him in those days, and some did n��t sleep well all night! 49 love hearts, so we care about our little friends with sincere emotions. When we are in trouble, we will show love together. When we are sad, we will cry together. When we play, we will make fun together. Now ... our little friend gradually came out of the pain of losing my mother. When we saw the lively and cheerful little boy coming back, everyone's heart was sweeter than eating honey
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