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Why grow up to lose the love of nature a Antworten

nd "Charlotte's Web" are featured in the 20th century American writer E. White. The book is mainly about the little girl Fern who saved a stork and named it Wilbur. But Wilbur was sold to Fern's uncle Zuckerman by Fern's father. In the barn of the Zuckerman's, Wilbur and Spider-Charlotte established their most sincere friendship. But news broke Wilbur's sorrow and despair: Wilbur will become bacon ham in the future. But Charlotte helped Wilbur��it woven text on his own web that was considered a miracle by humans, and changed Wilbur's fate. But at this time Charlotte's life was almost over. Although Wilbur loved Charlotte's children and grandchildren, none of them could replace Charlotte's position in Wilbur's mind. The first time I contacted Charlotte's Web was when I was in kindergarten. At that time, I didn't know a word, so I could only read my story for my parents Wholesale Cigarettes. Mom and Dad read passionately, reading and reading, their eyes were red. I was very puzzled, and many strange questions came to my mind: Why can Fern understand the words of animals Marlboro Red, but I do not understand? The bazaar is so fun, can I also play? Does Charlotte really have 540 children? How can animals be literate? Why is Charlotte so cruel, why eat insects, and why is he bloodthirsty? When I heard Fern's brother wanted a pig, I wanted a pig too! I want to hold it in my arms, sing a lullaby, feed her with a baby bottle, and let it lie in a car with Barbie and shake again to contact "Charlotte's Web". I am already a schoolboy who can read independently Already. With a seemingly familiar but curious and puzzled mood, I entered the world of Charlotte again. This reading made me suddenly bright, and finally understood why my parents were so moved. What touched me most about this book was the friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur. The friendship and love between them was "a thousand feet". Charlotte spent the rest of her life forming a web of love and a web of friendship for Wilbur. This love was as pure and flawless as mother's love Newport Cigarettes Coupons, as great and selfless as mother's love. If love has color, the love between them must be pure white, so pure and spotless. Fern, a good friend of Charlotte and Wilbur, grew up slowly, and at the same time, she gradually lost her love of nature and animals. Why grow up to lose the love of nature and innocence? I was a little upset at first, wouldn't I grow up like her? So, I secretly vowed: When I grow up, I will not lose my love for nature and my innocence! And I also began to understand Charlotte. Although it eats insects and although it is bloodthirsty, she is also protecting the ecological balance. Good books are like old wine and lasting. The books have given me different nourishment at different stages of growth. Just as the "web of love" woven by Charlotte not only saved Wilbur's life, but also stirred the love, tenderness, and emotion in your heart, I believe that a good book is like this one that can give love, courage and The large net of power will always be woven in the hearts of thousands of readers like me, and it will never end.
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