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18.04.2020 08:33
You see, the clear blue Antworten

You see, the clear blue sky is like a washed crystal ball, which will make you feel comfortable at first glance. There is also the little river, which is crystal clear, like a transparent blue thick son, lying quietly in the arms of Mother Earth. In the air, there are some white clouds floating. Some of these clouds are like a horse running, some like a puppy chewing bones, some like a kitten eating fish, you are watching, there are a group of birds in the sky , Gather together for a while to whisper, and then spread out, think about what tasks to complete. Now, they lined up in a chevron formation and flew away. In the crystal clear river, a group of small fish swimming over the water bubble is very cute, but after a while, they suddenly disappeared into the deep water. Students, is the scenery of nature beautiful? We must cherish this nature Marlboro Cigarettes. Part 2: The beautiful nature is beautiful, and there are many white clouds floating on the blue sky. The rolling hills are connected one by one. A piece of green grass is like a green carpet. The river is crystal clear, like a transparent blue silk. Big trees are like soldiers on guard. The colorful flowers sing happily like little girls who love beauty Twitter, yeah! It is a group of cheerful little birds, flying around in the sky, a little rabbit jumping from the bush, it is like a lively and lovely child. A group of cheerful little fish lived in the crystal clear river. They were swimming in the water like naughty teenagers. Nature is so beautiful! I love this beautiful nature! Chapter Three: Beautiful Nature Nature is so beautiful! Let me take you to see. Look, the clear blue sky is so clean, so transparent, it looks as if you can see the entire universe at a glance, making people feel very comfortable. The bird flies freely in the sky, as if to say: Ah! Nature is so beautiful! The river is crystal clear, like a long emerald jasper, and fish swim in the water as if flying in the air Marlboro Gold. Groups of ducks came swimming against the water, as if in a dragon boat race, the clear water suddenly rippled. There is also green grass, exuding the fragrance of nature. A small beetle is walking forward, looking east and west, a cheerful bird flying over, the small beetle runs away without a trace, and there are some small flowers with your countless colors, such as red , Huang Cancan, Lan Yingying, purple and red, really flattering. Nature is so beautiful! This is the nature in my heart!
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